Theronda Hoffman

Theronda says her motto in life is “I live to paint and paint to live”. She had a BA degree and studied at Spier Art School in Stellenbosch.
Theronda paints whatever subject inspires her and she loves the Suffolk landscape and sky and uses “quirky dreamlike images”. Theronda is a full time artist at Kesgrave Arts, where she is also the artist in residence.
Theronda’s career highlights:
  2002- group exhibition- Wembley Stadium- London
  2003- foyer- Royal Albert Hall- London
  2006- President Thabo Mbeki received one of my paintings
  2010- Summer Exhibition Royal Academy Of Arts -London
  2014- Shortlisted for Royal Academy Of Arts
  2015- Suffolk Show -Record Sales
Suffolk landscape, seascape and skyscape are her special interest and she uses diverse mediums to keep her work fresh.
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