Sonia Rollo

Sonia Rollo is a professional printmaker, specialising in etchings and collographs of animals.
She was educated at Glasgow University, with a degree in Agricultural Botany. this training involved many hours of observational drawing of both plant and animal specimens. The drawings she now makes, as an artist, are subjective. This allows her subjects to engage with the viewer and show their personalities.
Sonia has been a prominent member of several printmaker associations and is a founder member of Halfmoon Printmakers and London Printmakers.
Her work is in commercial galleries throughout Britain. Other galleries  where her animal prints have been shown include the Royal Academy, Mall Galleries, the National Theatre, Bankside Gallery, Oxo Gallery and the Royal College of Art Gallery. For the last 15 years, her work has been shown on the Halfmoon Printmakers stand at the Autumn Affordable Art Fair.
Canns Down Press have published greetings card of her etchings for many years.
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