Simon Hempsell

Born in Yorkshire Simon studied graphics and photography at Sheffield Polytechnic, moving to the south coast in the 90’s, working for many years as a designer and photographer. Using illustrative techniques learnt during his time as a designer, he designed sculptural concepts purely for pleasure, wanting something to enhance his own garden. It was one of his design clients form the art world that recently encouraged him to pursue his ideas and turn his concepts into reality.

Pieces are curvaceous, charmingly simple, almost two dimensional, which probably reflects his training as a graphic designer and his beliefs in the ‘less is more’ approach. Crafted from sheet steel, pieces are left to oxidise naturally, a process that highlights the intrinsic beauty of the material as the finish evolves with time.

“I particularly like the rich warm hues that you get with this finish that appear to almost glow in the evening sun”

Simon is at home working with steel and engineering processes. It’s something that is in his blood having grown up near Sheffield, spending his early years tinkering in his grandfather’s engineering workshop and working his summer holidays in the steel works whilst studying in Sheffield. He still makes frequent visits back to his roots, an area that he has a great affection for.

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