Polly Johnston

Polly Johnston was born in Suffolk in 1994 and her practise fundamentally explores and exploits the processes and time-constraights of painting. Having always primarily been a painter of impulse, abstract and colourful nature, it is clear to see how a move to the city of Glasgow in 2013 to further her studies in Painting at Glasgow School of Art, has influenced her work. Her earlier work, is distinctly shaped by her upbringing in Suffolk with obvious signs of more earthy and natural tones.

Her practice now, although still retaining the same variety of instinctive marks, has moved from the representative to the sheer nature of paint and surface. The combination of control, irrationality and abandonment is what drives Polly to paint. With a huge reliance on the studio, Polly changes the way paint behaves by pulling, pushing, and pouring paint onto the canvas which can then be moved around, tipped, turned upside down and often ends up on the floor. 

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