Paul Richardson

Born in 1967, Paul originally studied graphics near his home in Essex and then went on to take a degree in painting in Birmingham. From the start his drawings and paintings took on his individual style and were characterised by his satirical sense of humour. Even as a painter he found himself making low relief sculptural parts which were stuck onto or came out of the paintings. With his spirit of invention these works developed into paintings with three dimensional moving parts and it wasn’t long before he found his way into the sculpture department.

Here his creations finally burst out of their two dimensional constraints. It was after college though, with a studio in the old Birds Custard Factory in Birmingham that Paul really discovered metal. In the huge disused factory he found steel sheets, bought a little welder and started to play. Now, a significant body of exhibitions, public art and private commissions later, Paul’s studio is in the coastal countryside of Suffolk.
An original figure in contemporary art, Paul understands his craft. Through his skillful manipulation of steel, cutting, welding, bending and forming, he breathes life into metal. Paul draws inspiration from the world around him but his is a burlesque world, where storytelling meets satire. Familiar subjects like people, animals, birds and fish are stamped with his humour; caricatures to underline his concerns.
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