Julie Driscoll

Julie’s¬†subjects are often related to the beautiful local Suffolk landscapes, particularly water- based areas such as reeds and rivers, although each picture evolves during the painting process perhaps leaving only a figment of the original image. The vast Suffolk skies are often a main feature in her pictures as these are an important feature in this local landscape. Some examples of her work include: Iken Church,Bawdsey, and the River Deben at Woodbridge.

Much of Julie’s work is carried out with a palette knife using a technique called “impasto” to provide a three-dimensional appearance. Texture is important and a layering technique is achieved by using a palette knife to formulate different strokes and layering the oil paints thickly over several weeks, providing depth and contrast in tones.

Having studied “A” Level Art, Julie did a BSc and Diploma in Occupational Therapy and used art as a creative and therapeutic tool for many years in England and abroad. Her previous career path can be reflected in her work representing emotive and atmospheric impressionist landscapes.

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