Christopher Good

Christopher attended art school in the early 1980s and studied graphic design – but it wasn’t until his mid-thirties that the passion for drawing really took a hold of him and his journey began. Having spent ten years during the 1990s working in restaurants, he left London and moved to Woodbridge in Suffolk.The serene beauty of the river Deben and surrounding landscape had a powerful effect on him. One day, he found himself picking up pencils and paper to capture it and this soon became a habit which, in turn, became a passion.From 2009, he started to create work in oils – on a much larger scale. Initially inspired by the walled garden created by a friend, this – more recent phase – has gradually developed into a freer style in which colour and texture play a more important role than figurative depiction in Christopher’s work.

Christoper is showing at The Steel Rooms Gallery, Brigg, North Lincolnshire from the 20 Sept 2015 to 24th August 2016.
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