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Henrietta Dubrey

Henrietta lives and works at the westernmost point of England, at the tip of Cornwall, known as West Penwith. Born in 1966 in Sussex she was drawn to Cornwall by its rich heritage and has been inspired by the painting of the post-war mid-generation St. Ives artists such as Roger Hilton, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Peter Lanyon, and Brian Wynter who themselves followed in the footsteps of Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth.

After a brief spell living in France following postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools in London, 1989-92, it was the light, art and space which drew Henrietta to Cornwall, where she has been based with her family for over 15 years.

Henrietta is becoming equally well known and collected for her abstract paintings and more recently her return to the figure. She thrives on the challenge of working in both genres simultaneously with each informing the other.

The abstracts are as autobiographical as the figures, both “deconstructions and reconstructions of life”.

For this exhibition, Henrietta’s female forms, all from her imagination, express the strength and power of being a woman as well as the underlying vulnerability and how it “feels” to be female.

Henrietta is represented by Lynne Strover Gallery in Cambridge.

Jack Bullen

Jack Bullen aims to explore the portrayal of movement, transcribing Roudolph Laban’s theory of dynamics into paint, and reflecting on the relationship between dance and painting.Working in conjunction with practising dance artists, Jack choreographs dance pieces that are then used as the visual stimulus for series of mono-prints and paintings attempting to describe the dynamics of both dancers. Movement is explored through performance, sketches, long exposure photographs, other media and mono-prints acting as a rehearsal for the final work.

The work focuses on Laban’s theory of dynamics, a system that analyses the characteristics that occurs within movement with respect to inner intention. The difference between punching someone in anger and reaching for a glass is slight in terms of body organization. Both rely on the extension of the arm but the strength, control and timing of the movement are very different.

The geometry portrayed throughout Jack’s work represents the space in which the movement takes place. Laban maintained that all movement occurs within ones personal space or ‘Kinesphere’, represented in the shape of an Icosahedron.

When two spatial pulls are combined they produce planes in space as well as in the body. The combination of the horizontal and vertical dimensions results in what is called the door plane. The combination of the horizontal and the sagittal dimensions result in the table plane and the combination of the vertical and the sagittal dimensions create what is called the wheel plane. Together the diameters of all planes cross to form the centre of gravity of the body. Connecting the corners of the planes creates the shape of the Icosahedron.

Jack currently lives and works in London.

Vanessa Stollery

Vanessa Stollery is a sculptor and illustrator in Suffolk, UK.After many years working in marketing, she went to college to study for an illustration degree, and whilst having a year out, started studying with a local sculptor.

She now works from her own studio in Suffolk, translating her knowledge and love of animals into Bronze and Iron resins.

Vanessa captures the movement and essence of her subjects with sensitivity. She is currently working on a series of life-size garden pieces, but her work ranges from small table-top pieces to life-size images which are equally at home in gardens or interiors, demonstrating her great artistic versatility.

She has completed many commissions and has work in private collections in this country and Europe.

Jo Lal

Jo was born in Wiltshire and studied at the Swindon School of Art, exhibiting at several local galleries. She then went to Middlesex University London to continue her studies and gained a BA (Hons) in art.She has exhibited at “The Mall Gallery” and at “The Arthouse” Crystal Palace, London.

Jo now lives in Suffolk with her husband, two children and dog, working from her garden studio.

What started as a personal study of her dog “Monster” soon developed into a passion for observing and painting animals, capturing their unique character and personalities on canvas.

Jo produces original works and accepts commissions.

Julie Driscoll

Julie’s subjects are often related to the beautiful local Suffolk landscapes, particularly water- based areas such as reeds and rivers, although each picture evolves during the painting process perhaps leaving only a figment of the original image. The vast Suffolk skies are often a main feature in her pictures as these are an important feature in this local landscape. Some examples of her work include: Iken Church,Bawdsey, and the River Deben at Woodbridge.

Much of Julie’s work is carried out with a palette knife using a technique called “impasto” to provide a three-dimensional appearance. Texture is important and a layering technique is achieved by using a palette knife to formulate different strokes and layering the oil paints thickly over several weeks, providing depth and contrast in tones.

Having studied “A” Level Art, Julie did a BSc and Diploma in Occupational Therapy and used art as a creative and therapeutic tool for many years in England and abroad. Her previous career path can be reflected in her work representing emotive and atmospheric impressionist landscapes.

honor Surie

After studying graphics for three years, honor worked in advertising and later studied ceramics at Richmond followed by an Open University course in glaze composition.

She went on to teach in further and higher education at the same time as running a ceramics business. In the 1990s she concentrated on sculpture, developing skills, exploring materials and producing works for public commissions in clay, bronze, carved stone and resin.

Painting has been constant throughout the years, exhibiting in solo and joint shows. Works on canvas began with figurative oils, but gradually became abstracts, now using acrylic; both forms of painting seem to be merging. In 2000 honor enjoyed returning to study, with a postgraduate course at Norwich School of Art and Design.

Cathy Hart

Metal sculptor, Cathy Hart is part of a thriving artistic community in Peckham, London and regularly exhibits her work via open studios and Dulwich Artists Open House.

With a BA Hons in Fine Art from St. Martin’s College of Art and an MA Hons in Art History from St.Andrews, Cathy’s dynamic, whimsical creations evoke simplicity and joy.

Cathy has exhibited her work from 2012-2014 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Her metal dogs were displayed in the Jackson Secret Garden Party at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July 2015. They are minimalist and playful sculptures which each have their own personality. Her funky chickens, walking butterflies and mischievous dogs are highly collectable and would compliment any landscape setting. Each bespoke sculpture is unique, alive and will make the viewer smile. Her distinctive style adds a playful charm to garden spaces.

Tor Falcon

Tor is a landscape artist based in Norfolk and Cumbria. Educated at Norwich School of Art (BA Hons, Fine Art Painting) her work is very much rooted in the English Landscape tradition. She uses drawing as a way of understanding the essentials of a particular landscape. There is an underlying geological rhythm and there is local flora dictated by that geology. There is the effect man has had and there is local climate and time of year. Whether it’s a wind sculpted sycamore repeating the shapes of hills next to a remote northern farmhouse, or tram lines through three hundred acres of East Anglian barley and one stag headed oak tree in the distance, each landscape has it’s own identity. A set of shapes and colours that are repeated through it. Tor’s sets of small pastel drawings are her way of understanding what makes a place the way it is.
Exhibitions include:
2005  Broadside Festival of the Arts, Norfolk
            John Foster’s Group Show, John Innes Centre, Norwich
2006  Group Eight, Norfolk
            Art in the Park, Norfolk
2007  Salthouse 07
2008  Group Eight, Norfolk
            Open Show, Castle Museum, Norwich
2010   Dove Barn, Group Show, Suffolk
            Group Eight, Norfolk
2011    Group Eight, Gallery 18/21, Norwich
            Inspirations, Norwich
            Group Eight, HRW, London
2012   Open Show, Castle Museum, Norwich
            Solo show, Wiveton Cafe, Norfolk
2013   Group Eight Show, Asia House, London
2014   Dovedale Arts Festival 
            The Mall Gallery, Pastel Society Open Show
            Solo show, Wiveton Cafe, Norfolk 
2015   Group Eight at Birdie Fortescue
            Landscape at the Fairhurst Gallery
            Group Eight at The Aldeburgh Literary Festival
            Landscape Here and Now, Wymondham Arts Centre


Clare Halifax

Clare graduated from the University of Loughborough in 2000 with a BA Hons in Printed Textile design and went on to sell her work internationally to the fashion and interior markets.

In 2009 Clare completed an MA in multi-disiciplinary printmaking at the University of the West of England, which saw her work develop into the production of limited edition prints and ceramic pieces.

Having grown up in the South West of England, the inspiration for Clare’s work comes from the buildings that surrounded her and nostalgic reminisces of places and items of interest. Within each image, design, pattern and colour plays an important part, adding depth and decoration to build an aesthetically pleasing overall effect.

Clare currently resides in London where she continues to be influenced by her everyday environment.

Jenni Murphy

Instantly recognisable  thanks to its dreamlike qualities  Jenni’s light, harmonious brushstrokes, deep colours and distortion of scale work to create intimate worlds where people are little more than a centimetre high. Dominated  by beautiful creatures and motifs or the landscape itself, the figures are full of movement and emotion. They are fun, gentle and never alone, often accompanied by a little dog.

Having never lost the sense of wonder and discovery you have as a child  Jenni’s works come about by working in a reportage  style. Venturing out, sketchbook in hand, she draws real people and situations filtering them through her imaginings and daydreams ending up with images that suggest there is something much bigger ’out there’ than our perceived reality.

Working in acrylic  on panel  that has been under painted in order to intensify the colours, she slowly builds up the layers, until they evoke a sense of wonder and magic. Collier and Dobson Limited  publish Jenni’’s top selling limited editions. Her clients include Woodmansterne Greetings Cards, The Art Group and a host of national and international private collectors.