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Jason Gathorne-Hardy

We are very excited and fortunate to be exhibiting a series of stunning and unique gull drawings in pink, which Jason has drawn with the intention of supporting targeted cancer charities.

Jason Gathorne-Hardy was born near Kuala Lumpur in 1968 and grew up in Suffolk. He trained as a zoologist at Oxford University and taught himself to draw and paint using graphite and earth pigments from the land. He studied under Maggi Hambling at Morley College, London, between 1995 and 1998.

Returning to live part-time in Suffolk in 2005, he founded The Alde Valley Food Adventures, a programme of events celebrating food, farming, landscape and the arts.



Nicola Hart

Nicola graduated from the City and Guilds of London Art School in 1993 with a degree in Decorative/Fine Art.

Variety and experimentation are the main emphasis of Nicola’s work. She is continually striving to represent life in a new and exciting way, whilst retaining an element of realism. Nicola work’s primarily in acrylics with layers of collage, acrylics give her speed to work spontaneously, to give movement and energy to her work.

Images are built by applying layers of collage, made of different colours and textures. Nicola has always been fascinated by the way different textures affect the paint, the emergence of different layers, revealing or hiding, drawing you into the painting so you always see something different.

Jitka Palmer

Jitka Palmer is Czech born, Bristol based artist.

She studied medicine and worked as an anatomist.

In 1985 she moved to Britain and studied ceramics at Croydon College of Art and Design.

She set up her first studio in London with the help of a Crafts Council Setting Up Grant.

After 20 years of working in clay Jitka started carving stone.

She loves the contrast between clay and stone and continues using both.

Her work is figurative, narrative and expressive.

She loves watching and sketching people and her sketchbooks are valuable source inspiration.

In this complicated world she draws on personal experiences to reflect the spontaneity of ordinary human life.  

Georgie Mason

Originally from Suffolk, London-based artist Georgie Mason specialises in semi-abstract landscape paintings. Usually beginning to paint from a certain point of a blank sheet of board and working outwards, Georgie’s ideas develop as she works. Her initial vision, taken from photographs or even just a memory itself, may be completely overridden as she continues to add marks. Though working mainly in oils, her passion for finding new and interesting textures has often led to her own experimentation with different media, such as splashing watercolours over oil, or scratching through oil to reveal acrylic below. To apply the paint she uses everything from brushes and palette knives to strips of cut cardboard kitchen cloths and her fingers.

Inspired by memories of her own travels, particularly in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as places in England such as The Lake District, Suffolk and Cornwall, Georgie aims to capture the feeling of a place as she remembers it. Her main focus is for the painting to have its own personality and evoke an atmosphere, something that comes from her enjoyment of creating the work itself. She considers her best paintings to be the ones she has really enjoyed the process of making.

As well as taking regular commissions since her Art Foundation in 2010, Georgie has shown her work in exhibitions around the UK and internationally. These include The Battersea Affordable Art Fair, Foss Fine Art in Clapham, The Aldeburgh Gallery in Suffolk and The St. Edmundsbury Cathedral Gallery in Suffolk. She has been a finalist in the Drey Contemporary Art Prize, recently won the Young Artists’ Prize in the Bath Society of Artists Annual Exhibition and was shortlisted for the Royal Bath and West Society Scholarship.




Eric Marland

I always enjoy the element of problem solving which inevitably exists. Often the text required doesn’t fit easily into the space allowed,and sometimes quite a few design possibilities are considered in consultation with the client before an acceptable solution is found. It is perhaps because of the satisfaction I derive from this interaction between letters and form,(where ideally neither is dominant but one informs the other), that, when given complete freedom such as in an exhibition piece, I often find myself choosing a random piece of material from nature, (such as the many pebbles and boulders I carve), and then playing with the text until a happy marriage has been arranged.

Annet Stirling

Annet Stirling, one half of ‘Incisive Letterwork’, trained as a graphic designer in the Netherlands before studying lettering at the City and Guilds of London Art School with Berthold Wolpe, and then finishing her education as an apprentice with Richard Kindersley.

In 1988 she formed Incisive Letterwork with Brenda Berman, focusing on large-scale architectural inscriptions and ‘word sculpture’, working extensively with Ian Hamilton Finlay designing and overseeing major projects in Glasgow, Hamburg and Karlsruhe.

‘Incisive’ travelled throughout Italy on a Churchill Fellowship studying Roman and Renaissance inscriptions and we have held several solo exhibitions exploring the boundaries of legibility and abstraction in letterform.

The physical aspect of working with raw stone and the exploration of the marks that tools can make have influenced our designing and the way we carve. All this has lead to a continuing love affair with a Dorset quarry where we have spent a considerable amount of time over the years.

At Annet’s Amersham studio exhibition pieces are worked on alongside memorials and commercial commissions that have included designing and carving lettering for The National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Royal Opera House and the Festival Hall amongst others.


Louise Tiplady

In 1998 Louise decided to train as a stonemason and was accepted on a two-year course at Weymouth College where she graduated with distinctions.

In 2005 Louise started a two-year apprenticeship with Charlotte Howarth to learn the art of lettering and lettercarving after working for five years as a stonemason/ carver. This award, funded by the Memorial Arts Charity and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, has enabled her to pursue her interests in the lettering arts.

Her work is in demand for its quiet yet powerful emotions, portrayed through the use of her unique sculptural style and letterforms. She is a elected full member of Letter Exc

Wayne Hart

Wayne Hart is an ardent lettercutter, lettering artist and typographer. As one of only a handful of carvers of his generation, he is focused on maintaining this traditional craft and pushing it forward with new ideas and modern technologies. His work has included commemorative gifts, public art projects, memorials, signage, relief carving and artwork for exhibition.

Wayne discovered his passion for letterforms whilst studying Graphic Design in his home county of Norfolk. He later studied the world-renowned Typography course at the University of Reading where he was inspired towards lettercutting. After further study at the Richard Kindersley Studio, Wayne proceeded to a lettercarving apprenticeship with Pip Hall through the Memorial Arts Charity. He received a number of awards from various charities to complete his training. These include the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, the Worshipful Company of Masons, the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, the Bishop of Norwich and the Finn Family Fund. Wayne has pursued additional training in calligraphy, masonry, type design and sculpture, has a natural affinity with materials and is inspired by form, structure and texture. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Reading and a number of galleries, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, have shown an interest in his work.

Colleen du Pon

Colleen du Pon is a female Artist Blacksmith originally from Canada and now living in Bridport, West Dorset on England’s Jurassic Coast. Colleen’s workshop is located at Miles Cross Farm Educational and Enterprise Centre in Symondsbury.

She earned a BA in Silversmithing and Metalwork at Camberwell College of Arts in London where she enrolled to pursue her dream of becoming a Jeweller, but fell in love with blacksmithing and working hot iron and spent most of her time at the forge and anvil. She was awarded the Bruce Church Travel Scholarship in 2002 and has travelled extensively, working directly with nomadic Blacksmiths in India. Colleen has been working as an Artist Blacksmith and Metal Sculptor since 2007.

Colleen produces a range of work, blending forging with hand, hammer and anvil, with contemporary metalworking processes to create works in mild steel, from functional items to sculpture and architectural work to commission.


Simon Hempsell

Born in Yorkshire Simon studied graphics and photography at Sheffield Polytechnic, moving to the south coast in the 90’s, working for many years as a designer and photographer. Using illustrative techniques learnt during his time as a designer, he designed sculptural concepts purely for pleasure, wanting something to enhance his own garden. It was one of his design clients form the art world that recently encouraged him to pursue his ideas and turn his concepts into reality.

Pieces are curvaceous, charmingly simple, almost two dimensional, which probably reflects his training as a graphic designer and his beliefs in the ‘less is more’ approach. Crafted from sheet steel, pieces are left to oxidise naturally, a process that highlights the intrinsic beauty of the material as the finish evolves with time.

“I particularly like the rich warm hues that you get with this finish that appear to almost glow in the evening sun”

Simon is at home working with steel and engineering processes. It’s something that is in his blood having grown up near Sheffield, spending his early years tinkering in his grandfather’s engineering workshop and working his summer holidays in the steel works whilst studying in Sheffield. He still makes frequent visits back to his roots, an area that he has a great affection for.