The Artists

Due to the overwhelming interest, we are now at full capacity with contributing artists at the Art For Cure 2016 exhibition and unfortunately cannot include any more. Thank you for your interest and we hope to be able to include more artists in future exhibitions.

A substantial portion of our fundraising target will be fuelled by the seller’s commission that Art for Cure will earn from the sale of the exhibited art and sculpture. We are incredibly touched to have received such amazing support and generosity from these artists.


Here is the A – Z of artists supporting Art for Cure 2016. Please click on the links below to go to the artist’s individual page to see more:

Rachel Ashton

Kim Baker

Lynn Baker

Dale Devereux Barker

Lisa Berry

John Brown

Clare Brownlow

Jack Bullen

Pandora Butterfield

Julie Carpenter

Julia Cassels

Michael Clark

Rosemary Cook

Liz Cooke

Clare Curtis

Kate Denton

Julie Driscoll

Henrietta Dubrey

Tor Falcon

Michael Flint

Chris Gamble

Vanessa Gardiner

Graham Giles

Julie Giles

Christopher Good

Emma Green

Jelly Green

Robert Greenhalf

Clare Halifax

Maggi Hambling

Hannah Hann

Jason Gathorne-Hardy

Cathy Hart

Nicola Hart

Wayne Hart

Harriet Hellman

Simon Hempsell

Theronda Hoffman

Fred Ingrams

Sara Johnson

Polly Johnston

Jo Lal

Michaela Latham

Lucy Lutyens

Eric Marland

Sophie Elinor Martin

Georgie Mason

Melanie Miller

Jenni Murphy

Elaine Nason

Natasha Newton

Cary Norman

Jitka Palmer

Anne Paton

Carol Peace

Sarah Muir Poland

Colleen du Pon

Sarah Baddon Price

Catherine Richardson

Paul Richardson

Sonia Rollo

Andrew Ruffhead

Mike Savage

Belynda Sharples

Annet Stirling

Eliza Southwood

Michael Speller

Vanessa Stollery

Honor Surie

Louise Tiplady

Rosemary Vanns

Paul Vanstone

Dominic Watts

Ruth Willis

Robert Yates

Rob Wyn Yates